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First partner university in Beijing

In the winter semester 2018/19, the first female student from St. Pölten UAS will complete a study abroad at the BFSU, an elite university in China.

First partner university in Beijing
Copyright: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Students of the Bachelor study programmes Media and Communications Consulting and Media Management will soon be able to complete a study abroad at the International Business School (IBS) of the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). In April, Andreas Gebesmair and Daniela Lohner visited the new partner university in Beijing in order to convince themselves of its quality. The first female student from the Bachelor programme Media and Communications Consulting will be studying abroad at the BFSU in the coming winter semester.

Elite university: the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

The BFSU is a Chinese elite university with approximately 10,000 students. In order to receive a placement in the BFSU, Chinese students must produce an excellent result on the “University Entrance Exam”. The successful Chinese applicants receive a state-sponsored scholarship. The BFSU is considered a forge for diplomats in China and is the first address for foreign-language students.

Part of the BFSU: International Business School (IBS)

In addition to language studies, an International Business School (IBS), which now has about 2,000 students, has been a part of the BFSU since 2001. Along with Chinese students, there are 400 international students from more than 70 countries at the IBS. International students can complete a full Bachelor or Master programme at IBS or spend a semester abroad there. For international students there is an English-language study programme and numerous courses in English.

Many BFSU teachers have studied abroad or have foreign roots. As guest auditors, Andreas Gebesmair and Daniela Lohner were able to attend two lectures: "Doing Business in China" and "International Business". The lectures afforded an interesting insight into the Chinese economy, the current trade conflict between the US and China as well as the pragmatic handling of censorship. In China, one must do without Google, Facebook and WhatsApp, but there is usually a Chinese version of these services.

Semester abroad at the IBS

Tuition fees for international students amount to approximately EUR 2,500 per semester.

The BFSU has a beautifully designed campus and offers good infrastructure with a library, sports fields, a fitness centre and indoor swimming pool. Two student-residence halls for international students can be found directly on campus.

Our students are supervised at the BFSU by a German living in Beijing and the International Office. This support is extremely helpful, since outside of the campus hardly anyone speaks English and everything is signposted in Chinese.

In order to establish contact with the local population, the BFSU offers a free “Extended-Family Programme” for international students. The University makes contact between Beijing families and international students possible. The students have the opportunity to spend their free time together with Chinese families and thus better deal with the culture, country and language.

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Expansion of cooperation conceivable

The cooperation with the BFSU starts with the exchange of students in the Bachelor study programmes of the Department of Media and Economics. During the visit, other possibilities for cooperation were addressed, e.g. cooperation at the master level and in the area of research.