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IC\M/T presents paper at EuroVis 2019

Junior Researcher Christina Stoiber attended the conference and presented her paper "Netflower"

IC\M/T presents paper at EuroVis 2019
Junior Researcher Christina Stoiber attended the conference and presented her paper "Netflower"
Copyright: Christina Stoiber

The 21st edition of EuroVis was organized in Porto, Portugal. EuroVis is the annual Visualization Conference organized by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualization and supported by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (IEEE VGTC). EuroVis 2019 was held from June 3 to June 7 at one single conference venue. Six co-located events took place on Monday, June 3.

The objective of the EuroVis conference is to create and strengthen connections between visualization researchers and practitioners, to foster collaborations, and to convince more researchers in Europe to enter this rapidly growing area of research.

EuroVis has an extended scope to include all areas of visualization and an increasingly wide-spread visibility that leads to a wider impact.

IC\M/T-Paper at EuroVis in Portugal

Junior Researcher Christina Stoiber attended the conference and presented her paper Netflower: "Dynamic Network Visualization for Data Journalists". "This design study paper resulted from the VALID- Visual Analytics for Data-driven Journalism. We published our results of a four-year design study with data journalists where we developed netflower, an exploration tool for dynamic network data."

On the whole, the talks and projects were quite diverse. "On the one hand, some truly relevant state-of-the art reports were given - for example The State of the Art in Visualizing Multivariate Graphs 
from Carolina Nobre, Miriah Meyer, Marc Streit, Alexander Lex - and, on the other hand, new visualization tools such as Viz-Blocks: Building Visualizations and Documents in the Browser by Graham McNeill and Scott Hale were presented."

Keynote "Visualization is Not Enough"

In his keynote talk "Visualization is Not Enough", Jeffrey Heer reflected on major future directions of visualization. He claimed that “Interdisciplinary thinking is our greatest asset in visualization”. In addition, he advocated more research in different fields: data management (databases and visualization), interactive data analysis, uncertainty visualization, interactive machine learning, model visualization, and accessibility.

Jeffrey Heer also explained  that we need analysis support tools and methodologies for end-to-end analysis, not isolated “statistics” or “visualization” tools.

The next EuroVis2020 conference will take place in Norköpping in Sweden.