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Innovative projects for digital healthcare

Follow-up report on the networking event "build.well.being" at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Participants of the networking event build.well.being at St. Pölten UAS

Last week, the networking event “build.well.being” took place for the second time at St. Pölten UAS devoting itself to current developments in digital healthcare. National and international experts presented concrete projects at the interface of health and technology, and students as well as researchers offered an insight into current work.

In the keynote address with the title "A European Perspective on the Estonian eHealth Setup", Peeter Ross, Programme Director for Health Care Technology at the Tallinn University of Technology provided insight into the Estonian eHealth system. Matthias Zeppelzauer, Senior Researcher at St. Pölten UAS spoke about the use of artificial intelligence in human-gait analysis. Jakob Winkler from Sanitas GmbH and René Geyeregger from St. Anna Children's Cancer Research presented approaches to data visualisation in cell measurement for stem-cell transplantation. Michael Mikesch from the medical-app Diagnosia reported on the challenges of using knowledge databases in medical-app development.

Student projects from e-nutrition to self-management of health data

Following the lectures, students in the Master programme Digital Healthcare at St. Pölten UAS presented their projects, which included among others: a so-called e-health-"wallet" for the self-management of health data, a prevention project to combat "smartphone-neck", an app to improve healthcare for Strabag employees, the use of speech recognition for the detection of strokes and e-nutrition, the remote monitoring of cancer-patient nutrition.

"In order to meet the challenges of the increasing cost for healthcare and still maintain consistent treatment quality, interdisciplinary research is a basic prerequisite. At the event we were able to provide an insight into the current research projects of our students and researchers in the digital-healthcare sector. The connection of patient-centred healthcare knowledge with technologies continues to open up new fields of application", said Jakob Doppler, Academic Director of the study programme Digital Healthcare at St. Pölten UAS and organiser of the event.

Event build.well.being