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Insights into the digital daily life of the future

Report on the Forum Media Technology and All Around Audio Symposium

Insights into the digital daily life of the future
Copyright: St. Pölten UAS / Junxiang Qiu

The Forum Media Technology and the All Around Audio Symposium 2016 at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences focused on current developments in the field of media technology.

The conferences looked at how omnipresent digital technologies change daily life and media production. The programme included among others: lectures on augmented reality, learning games and data journalism.

New perception, thinking and feeling

Audiovisual, interactive and mobile media have long since penetrated daily life. In almost all areas of life, they change actions and influence perception, thinking and feeling. The ninth Forum Media Technology of St. Pölten UAS presented current results from applied research and development, new theoretical and scientific findings and case studies as well as practice-oriented projects, formats, services and prototypes. The programme focused on the subjects of data analysis, information visualization, digital media as well as mobile applications.

Tobias Schreck from Graz University of Technology delivered the keynote on visual-interactive data analysis for science, technology and companies. In the final lecture of the conference, Andreas Jakl from the software company Tieto explained how new technology can enter into the world of its users.

Data analysis for financial reporting, media transparency and music classification

The Forum Media Technology offered a broad spectrum of content. A team from the Department of Media and Digital Technologies of St. Pölten UAS showed how site-specific learning games can be designed for mobile applications and Tassilo Pellegrini from the Department of Media and Economics of St. Pölten UAS presented new developments for the preparation of electronic information in the field of financial reporting.

How media transparency can be examined with the help of new methods of data journalism was presented by researchers from St. Pölten UAS together with project partners. A team from Vienna University of Technology showed how automatic music genre classification functions and Michael Zeiller from Burgenland UAS presented an analysis of interactive infographics in German-language online newspapers.

"The conference offered an intensive professional dialogue between agencies, studios and production companies with students, teachers, researchers and developers and created a basis for new cooperation", said Wolfgang Aigner, organizer of the conference and Head of the Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies.

Under the direction of UAS Lecturer Grischa Schmiedl, a "Graduate Consortium" was also part of the event, in which master programme students discussed the research approaches of their degree theses with an expert audience.

Audio symposium

The All Around Audio Symposium, which took place for the second time, dealt with the (re) design of acoustic environments and questions of musical perceptions. Fourteen Lecturers from the university and private enterprise environment reported on the analysis of social media as a marketing tool in the music industry, the recognition of musical content through the process of machine learning, electronic music archaeology and new technical developments in the audio field.

 "Modern technology makes it increasingly possible to freely design acoustically our surroundings according to our own preferences. With the extensive thematic range of All Around Audio, we were able to stimulate interdisciplinary projects and above all, open up exciting prospects for the professional future of our students", said UAS Lecturer Michael Iber, who organized the All Around Audio Symposium. The event took place during the International Week of the Department of Media and Digital Technologies.

Art festival: music without an identifiable resonating body

The IMAkusmonium Festival took place at the same time. It was devoted to acousmatic music, a musical direction whose means of sound generation are not visible and mostly unidentifiable. In a former industrial hall of the Vothwerke, artists presented a wide spectrum of electronic acousmatic music live on the Viennese Akusmonium: an orchestra of more than 30 loudspeakers distributed in the room, transforming the hall into a dynamically moving sound sculpture. The festival was organized by the Institute for Media Archeology (IMA) in cooperation with ACP (The Acousmatic Project) and Heroines of Sound (Berlin).

Accompanying the festival in cooperation with St. Pölten UAS, a workshop was held at UAS under the direction of Thomas Gorbach, who has been developing the Viennese Akusmonium since 2010 in connection with his concert series "The Acousmatic Project". The students acquired basic knowledge about spatialisation and interpretation of acousmatic works on the Akusmonium and developed their own pieces which were presented at the festival.

Evening programme and media prize

At a gala after the conclusion of the seminars, the media prize "Golden Wire" was awarded to St. Pölten UAS. Multimedia, media-technical creative work by students and alumni of St. Pölten UAS were shown at the gala and awarded prizes by a jury. In the course of the Golden Wire, the Best Paper Award for the Forum Media Technology was also awarded.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings of the Forum Media Technology and All Around Audio Symposium 2016 have been published online with all peer-reviewed contributions in the open access ISSN publication series CEUR-WS: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1734/