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International Week: Rocking all over the world

The degree course Media and Communications Consulting invites to the second International Week at St. Pölten UAS from 17 to 21 November 2014.

Lecturers of our partner universities and experts in this field are going to give lectures on the media and communications landscape in their home country and are going to refer to current trends in the field of communication. Moreover, students are provided with an insight into the media industry in other countries and typical PR and advertising campaigns are going to be presented.

“Especially for our future graduates aspiring a career abroad it is particularly important to know about the cultural differences in the field of media, communication and advertising,” says the host of the International Week, Dr Johanna Rakaseder.

The aim of the International Week is to make students gain an insight into the European media and communications landscape regarded from a cultural, economic and social angle.

All interested people can still sign up via e-mail until 14 November 2014. It is also possible to sign up for individual lectures.


  • Alternative Media, Irina Hablecker: FH St. Pölten/University of Vienna
  • Political Marketing: Best practices, Laura Reyero Simon: Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Censorship in the Mexican Media, Alejandro Boucabeille: College of Europe Brugge/University of Innsbruck
  • Digital Business/E-Commerce, Nasser Jamalkhan: University of Hertfordshire
  • Intercultural Communication, Nathan Horowitz: University of Vienna
  • International Marketin, Sabina Schaffer: Reichl und Partner, Werbe Agentur, Vienna
  • Book Markets in small countries like Slowenia, Steffen Hillebrecht: Hochschule für Wissenschaft Würzburg-Schweinfurt
  • Media Landscape in Finland, Noora Luhtanen: Oulu, University of Applied Sciences
  • International Communication, Leila Karjalainen: Oulu, University of Applied Sciences
  • International Students present their countries and the media of their countries: Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Russia

In case of inquiries please do not hesitate to contact Dr Johanna Rakaseder via e-mail.