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Marshall Plan Scholarships

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Marshall Plan Scholarships
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Last week in Vienna the Marshall Plan Symposium took place. In the course of the symposium, American ambassador Alexa Wesner awarded students with scholarships from the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation.

Students Kian Altmann and Susanne Gartler were among the recipients. Both are studying in the bachelor programme Media Technology at UAS St. Pölten and will be supported by the scholarships during the coming winter semester. Altmann will attend Utah Valley University, and Gartler will be a guest student at California State University in Fullerton.

Michael Harper and Robert Trim from Utah Valley University were also present for the scholarship presentations. Utah Valley University has recently become the first partner university of UAS St. Pölten in the USA. Michael Harper will supervise Kian Altmann; Robert Trim is currently a guest at UAS St. Pölten as part of the Fulbright Programme.


Marshall Plan Scholarships

The Marshall Plan Scholarship was established in 2008 by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation in order to accelerate academic exchange between Austria and the USA. Students in technical or scientific disciplines from Austria and the USA can apply for the scholarship. During their stay abroad, the students write a research paper. The amount of the scholarships is between 3.000 and 10.000 Euros. So far, 20 UAS St. Pölten students have received this scholarship.

About the Marshall Plan Anniversary Foundation

The Austrian Marshall Plan Anniversary Foundation (Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation) supports the academic exchange of students and researchers from Austria and the USA with the aim of promoting scientific cooperation and deepening relations between the two countries. Scholarships for research stays in the USA are annually awarded to Austrian students with excellent academic performance.