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New digital laboratories

Education and research for Industry 4.0, media technology, augmented/virtual reality and digital healthcare

Hololens and spine

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences develops and researches digital applications for society and companies. It is expanding its resources with two new laboratories.

Immersive storytelling

Taking the plunge into virtual worlds with a focus on immersion, the "Immersive Media Lab" explores new forms of storytelling that are made possible by augmented and virtual reality. In the laboratory, students and researchers will develop projects in the fields of media art, Industry 4.0 and digital healthcare. The results are intended to benefit industrial companies, the healthcare sector and creative industries.

The laboratory is dedicated to five specific applications: immersive short-film formats, industrial- hearing protection, information for patients about computer tomography and magnetic resonance as well as concepts for 3D-motion detection and communication in the industrial Internet of Things. In a later project phase, the insights will find practical application in business and research.

Laboratory for digital healthcare

The new "ReMoCap-Lab" (Laboratory for Capturing Motion and Augmenting Environment in Motor Rehabilitation) will in the future draw together the expertise of St. Pölten UAS in the areas of rehabilitation, movement analysis, visual analytics, machine learning and mixed reality.

In recent years, St. Pölten UAS has extended its expertise non-stop in the area of gait and movement analysis. Last year, it established the St. Pölten Center for Digital Health Innovation for the digital healthcare sector.

In several research projects, researchers investigated intelligent gait-pattern analysis for the detection of gait disorders, developed for physiotherapists a learning software for gait analysis and a smart-shoe sole that makes gait disorders audible.

Support for clinical research

In Austria, clinics and rehabilitation facilities use state-of-the-art 3D-gait and movement analysis. The analysis supports diagnosis, findings, surgical planning and therapy evaluation.

St. Pölten UAS underpins research by combining its expertise in health and technology. The centre will become a hub and innovation driver for a variety of clinical services as well as cutting-edge research and innovative projects.

Company partners in the ReMoCap Lab are VivaBack GmbH and stAPPtronics GmbH.

Further information

Immersive Media Lab: www.fhstp.ac.at/immersive-media-lab

ReMoCap-Lab: www.fhstp.ac.at/remocap-lab

The new laboratories are funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs under the COIN Aufbau programme of the Österreichischen Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft-FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG).