New entrants in the Creative Pre-Incubator

New entrants in the Creative Pre-Incubator

New teams in the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and accent Gründerservice start-up programme, Creative Pre-Incubator

In 2014, St. Pölten UAS in cooperation with accent Gründerservice GmbH launched the Creative Pre-Incubator, a support programme for students and alumni with entrepreneurial spirit. Experts in the programme assist teams with the further development of business ideas and company start-ups while at the same time facilitating contacts to the start-up scene.

The programme has recently been enlarged to make possible the acceptance of new teams every semester instead of just once a year. Beginning with this semester, for the first time three new teams will also start in the summer semester in the Creative Pre-Incubator.

Shopping aids and new gaming experiences

Three new teams will start in this semester with the start-up programme Creative Pre-Incubator of St. Pölten UAS and accent Gründerservice GmbH. The app "Your Aspiration Instantly - YAI" created by Harriet Burtscher, Elisabeth Grießler and Kamila Rurka should facilitate the search for products on the Internet. Thomas Kessler’s app "Where is" will be a guide to shopping and should help to find products more easily.

With "Whispers of the Old World", Lucas Schöffer, Katharina Moser, Perihan Rashed, and Anne Pammler are developing a hybrid type of gaming that uses augmented reality to combine elements of the game board, game characters, and playing cards with smartphones and multimedia-narrative forms.

Successful start-up programme

"St. Pölten UAS was the pioneer in Austria with the Creative Pre-Incubator. The support programme has developed since the first round in 2014 into a solid, successful and integral part of young-talent promotion at St. Pölten UAS. Thus far, around 150 students have applied for the programme with more than 40 well-advanced projects", explained Hannes Raffaseder, Authorised Signatory of St. Pölten UAS.

"This semester as well, the Creative Pre-Incubator programme, which has been developed hand in hand with St. Pölten UAS, met with great interest among the students. The desire to implement a business idea or to found their own company has become an explosive force in the mindset of today’s students”, explained Peiman Zamani, Lecturer at St. Pölten UAS and Division Manager of the Creative Pre-Incubator at accent Gründerservice. Michael Moll, Executive Director of Lower Austria’s accent Gründerservice added: "The start-up ideas that have been accepted in the programme underline the tremendous potential for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the applicants".

As of recently, the Creative Pre-Incubator has also been sponsored by the city of St. Pölten. "With the additional support, a further positive development of the programme has become possible", said Raffaseder. Furthermore, the programme that was established at St. Pölten UAS with the accent Gründerservice has in the meantime also been adopted by Krems UAS.

"Seven Steps to Start-up" and State Prize

The Creative Pre-Incubator is the centrepiece of the concept of "Seven Steps to Start-Up" at St. Pölten UAS. It offers a variety of relevant courses, practical projects, event formats and other initiatives. These accompany creative students interested in starting a business from the conveyance of basic entrepreneurial skills to the development of the first innovative project ideas, their concretization and further development resulting in a launch of the start-up and networking in the start-up environment.

In recent years, the teams of the Creative Pre-Incubator have been time and again successful in competitions. For example, last year the interactive audio-video project "A Slice of Reality" by Felix Blasinger, Max Heil and Johannes Traun received the Sponsorship Award of the State Prize for Digital Solutions.

Creative Pre-Incubator

The goal of the Creative Pre-Incubator is to individually supervise the projects and teams and to further develop their ideas. In addition to this, a business case is continually compiled, so that at the conclusion of the support programme nothing stands in the way of launching the start-up. The Creative Pre-Incubator is a cooperation between St. Pölten UAS and the accent Gründerservice GmbH and is sponsored by the Province of Lower Austria (Economy, Tourism & Technology) and financed from the resources of the europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung / EFRE (European Regional Development Fund / ERDF).

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