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New from 2018: Data Science and Business Analytics

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BMWFW has awarded St. Pölten UAS 25 additional study places for a new Bachelor programme beginning with the academic year 2018/19

The Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Economy (BMWFW) is funding additional study places for new UAS students in the MINT-field (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) beginning with the academic year 2018/2019. Twenty-five study places were awarded to St. Pölten UAS. Starting in autumn 2018, a new Bachelor programme in Data Science and Business Analytics will be launched. 

In order to master the challenges of digital transformation, the technical course is designed to provide students with industry-independent competencies in the area of data management. Because of advancing digitalisation and the need of companies for data-driven innovation, in-demand skills in data analysis will also be taught.

The course is being developed in an interdisciplinary manner and combines expertise from different specialist disciplines at St. Pölten UAS. In addition to the Department of Computer Science and Security, the Department of Media and Digital Technologies and the Department of Media and Economics are also involved.

 Education for the specialists of tomorrow

"According to current studies, the demand for qualified specialists in the field of data science will increase enormously in the coming years, both in Europe and worldwide. With the new Bachelor programme in Data Science and Business Analytics, we will now be able to train future specialists in this seminal field and continue our successful growth", said Gernot Kohl, Executive Director of St. Pölten UAS. 

The new course is now being worked out in detail, planned start - subject to approval by AQ Austria - is in autumn 2018.

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