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New Further Education Programme

Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences launches in Summer Semester 2021

Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences launches in Summer Semester 2021

Active participation in the research process is becoming increasingly important for members of the health professions: with the new master degree programme “Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences”, the St. Pölten UAS offers a unique further education possibility in patient-centred and clinical research. It also features a new type of master thesis which is designed in the form of a scientific article and then submitted for publication. The part-time programme starts in the summer semester of 2021.

Clinical research in the fields of therapy, disease prevention and rehabilitation is gaining in importance for everyone working in healthcare. “Clinical studies are essential for the further development of professionally relevant subject areas and the successful treatment of patients. Our new further education programme teaches healthcare professionals to plan, implement and evaluate research projects relevant for their respective sectors – a unique opportunity in the Austrian higher education landscape”, emphasises Barbara Wondrasch, Head of the Further Education Programme.

Versatile Curriculum

The programme starts in February 2021 and is designed to accompany a professional activity. Graduates receive a Master of Science in Health Studies. The versatile curriculum has four focus areas: Science & Research, Clinical Practice, Management Competencies, and Master Project. “The students write their master thesis in the form of a scientific article to be published in a trade journal. It is the ideal preparation for an activity in national and international research projects at a university of applied sciences, university, research association, or in the industry”, explains Wondrasch.

The Institute of Health Sciences at the St. Pölten UAS offers an excellent research environment with cutting-edge infrastructure and conducts research in three interdisciplinary areas: Health Promotion & Healthy Ageing, Clinical & Healthcare Research, and Education & Lifelong Learning for Health Professionals. It develops evidence-based, innovative and technology-assisted solutions for the fields of health promotion & disease prevention, rehabilitation, and nursing.

Extensive Range of Study Programmes in Healthcare

The St. Pölten UAS offers practice-oriented teaching and research conditions in the healthcare sector for approximately 600 students. In addition to the bachelor degree programmes Dietetics, Healthcare and NursingPLUS and Physiotherapy, the master degree programme Digital Healthcare features students working on interdisciplinary solutions for the healthcare sector of the future. The wide range of programmes is rounded off by a unique range of further education programmes in Clinical Research, Dietetics, and Gait Analysis.

For more information, visit Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences on our website.

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FH-Prof. Wondrasch Barbara, PT PhD

FH-Prof. Barbara Wondrasch, PT PhD

Lecturer Course Leader Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences (MA) Course Leader GAIT - Ganganalyse und Rehabilitation (certif.) Course Leader GAIT - Ganganalyse und Rehabilitation (MA) Department of Health Sciences Member of the UAS Board from 2020 to 2023