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New Media for Education, Health and Entertainment

Forum Media Technology at St. Pölten UAS

New Media for Education, Health and Entertainment
Forum Media Technology at St.Pölten UAS
Copyright: FH St. Pölten / Maximilian Döringer

The 9th Forum Media Technology has recently taken place at the UAS. Experts discussed real life projects as well as new technological developments and fields of application.

This year the keynote “Design by Laziness” was held by Joreg Dießl of “vvvv group“. This group has been developing the visual computer language vvvv for 15 years now. Their programming language is particularly applied in the field of interactive computer graphics for live performances and live installations. vvvv is a visual/textual programming environment enabling facile programming.

Sound therapy and diagnosis

A team consisting of physiotherapists and media technicians of St. Pölten UAS presented a pilot study on sound-based gait analysis: in the project SoniGAIT researchers developed a shoe sole making the walking audible.

Via headphones people receive information on whether they roll the foot from heel to toe evenly or whether they put more weight on one of their feet. This information could be used for example in therapy after sport injuries or strokes.

Creating fair gender work places in control centres

The by the St. Pölten UAS coordinated interdisciplinary project “Gen-SiSys“ was also presented. In this project media technicians, physiotherapists and transportation scientists research gender-fair creation of work places in control centres. People who are employed in control centres have a high level of responsibility and conduct safety-related operations. Therefore, the working environment needs to be optimally planned.

Gender-fair story telling

Entitled “Von rosa und blau zur ganzen Farbenpalette“ (“From pink to blue to the whole chart of colour range“), Astrid Ebner-Zarl of the Austrian Institute of Media Economics at St. Pölten UAS  presented the research project Traex on transmedial story telling as strategy for gender sensitive creation of children’s media. In cooperation with Austrian media corporations the institute works on a manual for the creation of gender sensitive media formats for children.

Particular attention is paid to transmedial story telling strategies which meet the different user habits of boys and girls and stimulate to turn to new and so far little used forms of media and test alternative choices of identification.

Forum for the world of media

The Forum Media Technology provides a platform for presentations, discussions, criticism and exchange of innovative ideas and current challenges in the wide field of digital media. Therefore, a conference volume of the forum was published.

“The symposium takes into account the whole digital production chain from the idea to conception and production and to distribution, application and archiving medial content. It pursues an interdisciplinary approach and includes new technological possibilities and creative design as well as ideas of content and economical requirements“, says the organiser of the conference Markus Seidl, head of the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies (IC\M/T) at St. Pölten UAS.

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