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Report on the "Inverted Classroom and beyond" conference at St. Pölten UAS

"Inverted Classroom and beyond" conference

The "Inverted Classroom and beyond" conference at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences dedicated itself to the use of new (digital) teaching methods and above all, the concept of the Inverted Classroom Model (ICM), which supports research-based, self-organized as well as individualized teaching and learning arrangements.

The conference gave teachers from schools and universities an overview of current developments in innovative teaching methods and presented practical experiences.

Inverted Classroom: method and approach

Over the course of two days at St. Pölten UAS, approximately 140 participants exchanged ideas on innovative teaching methods. In workshops and lectures, teachers presented examples from practical experience and from other countries.

In the concept of the Inverted Classroom, students receive a variety of materials and preparatory assignments. In the classroom-attendance phases, immersion, discussion and application are brought to the foreground; in the process, as many methods as possible are considered to be an essential element. Students are encouraged to take even more responsibility in helping to shape learning processes. International studies show that these approaches in schools and universities have been tried, tested and proved reliable in all subjects.

International experiences

Lectures and workshops provided valuable input for university teachers and introduced techniques for innovative teaching methods. On the first day, the keynotes were delivered by Sigrún Svafa Ólafsdóttir and Hjalmar Arnason from the Icelandic Keilir Academy. They chronicled their experiences with the flipped-classroom method.

In her lecture, Ellen Roemer from Ruhr West University showed how the Inverted Classroom Model can be implemented in university practice and the importance of organizational measures such as further education and support for teachers.

The conference "Inverted Classroom and beyond" is organized jointly by St. Pölten UAS and PH Niederösterreich (Lower Austrian Pedagogical University) in cooperation with Philipps-University Marburg.

Conference “Inverted Classroom and beyond” 2018