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Planned private university

Study programmes for psychotherapy and social development and change processes

Planned private university
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On the initiative of the ÖAGG (Austrian Work Group for Group Therapy and Group Dynamics): a concept for a new private university, which is to be located at the campus of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, was developed in collaboration with St. Pölten UAS and the support of the provincial capital St. Pölten.

In the first development phase, three bachelor programmes and two master programmes each with 30 study places per year will be offered at the private university. Courses are planned in psychotherapy (bachelor in psychosocial intervention and master in psychotherapy) and in human sciences (bachelor in applied human sciences as well as society-art-technology and master in multimedia art therapy).

Study programmes for social development and change processes

The study programmes in human sciences respond to the social development and change processes in Austria, which are among other things, the result of demographic transformation. The reason for this is not only the increased aging of the Austrian population but also growing immigration to Austria. In addition to elderly care and migration management, general assistance for persons and families affected by poverty is a relevant field of activity.

The development teams are currently working with representatives of ÖAGG, St. Pölten UAS as well as external experts on filing for accreditation. Subject to the necessary accreditation by the AQ Austria, the planned start of the first courses is in the winter term 2018/19. Subsequently, the offer will be supplemented through courses. Thereby, with the tentative full expansion, up to 400 students will study at the private university.

University of applied sciences and the private university use synergies

The new private university will be located together with the university of applied sciences in the "Campus of the Future". "St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences will cooperate closely with the private university. The shared use of infrastructure and central service facilities result in diverse synergies. There will also be interesting opportunities for cooperation in teaching and research, also at a technical level", explained Kohl.

"The thematic and methodological innovative university of applied sciences is, in combination with its competent organizational implementation, an ideal partner for the establishment of the private university. The preparatory study of the ÖAGG has been cooperating with the university of applied sciences for several years to the full satisfaction of both parties", said Anna-Maria Pleischl, General Secretary of the ÖAGG.