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Project "Read me" on identity

Interactive audiovisual installation at Schmiede Hallein 2015

Project "Read me" on identity
Project "Read me" on identity
Copyright: Screenshot installation © Barbara Lüneburg

Often our first impression of a person leads us to believe that we can grasp who this person is. It seems clear and obvious. Yet the closer we get acquainted, more and more complexities about this same person are revealed. In the installation "Read me," the closeness of the relationship will be expressed through the distance of an audience member to the projection.

The further away one is, the clearer the material will be (at its limit, one soundtrack and one sentence visible on the projection). The closer we get, the more complex and layered the material will become. The audio and the visual content of "Read me" will reflect the complexity of our impressions of a person.

Lyrics and Suffragettes

“The imagery, texts and sounds I use for this first prototype of "Read me" are tightly connected with the person I depict: Clio Em. Clio, a composer, singer and writer, chose poetry by Klara du Plessis to appear as part of the text video. I combined it with suffragist texts that to me symbolize Clio's strength as a contemporary woman. The music is based on a bass guitar pattern from popular music that I combined with Clio's spoken voice and singing thus picking up on her personal crossover musicianship”, says project leader Barbara Lüneburg.

The distance of an onlooker will be measured via an ultrasound sensor and translated to the audio and text projection by an "Open Frameworks" software patch and Arduino. In future versions of "Read me," the installation can be adjusted to different community members of the project "What if? | Transcoding" using their chosen texts, imagery and sounds.

"Read me" is part of the artistic work for the project "Transcoding | what if?" (PEEK AR 259-G21, funded by the FWF)

"Read me" (2015)

Concept and composition – Barbara Lüneburg
Software programming and visual advice – Lia, Damian Stewart and Marko Ciciliani
Voice – Clio Em
Photograph of Clio Em: ©Unison Shot
Texts – Klara du Plessis "Mannequins", National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, 1913

First exhibition at Schmiede Hallein 2015, 10.-16.9.2015.

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