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Quality Standards for Child and Youth Welfare

Report on the Symposium at the St. Pölten UAS

Symposium on quality standards in in-patient child and youth welfare

The St. Pölten UAS hosted a symposium on the topic of quality standards in in-patient child and youth welfare.

The organisation FICE Austria (Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives) has developed such standards together with organisations from the area of child and youth welfare. At the event, experts presented the standards to a specialist audience from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

Standards for the Best Quality in Care

“A child is a child, no matter if she/he lives in Lower Austria or in the Tyrol”, says Clemens Klingan, managing director of SOS-Kinderdorf. “It is up to us to make sure that all children enjoy the highest possible quality in care. Common standards, their review and a legal framework are the fundamental prerequisite for this.”

“It is remarkable that private organisations, which are engaged in competition, take it upon themselves to set their own common quality standards. It is an important framework of reference for the self-reflexion and safety of our employees to make the quality of our work for children comparable, verifiable and transparent”, explains Monika Franta, managing director of Rettet das Kind NÖ.

Putting Standards into Practice

Experts from SOS-Kinderdorf, Verein Prosoz Wien, FICE Austria, Caritas Wien and Arbeitskreis Noah presented the new quality standards to the audience at the event on Monday.

Within the framework of a panel discussion, Lower Austrian state secretary Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig and the invited experts talked about the significance of the quality standards and steps necessary to put them into practice.

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FH-Prof. DSA Mag. (FH) Haselbacher Christine

FH-Prof. DSA Mag. (FH) Christine Haselbacher

Head of Department Academic Director Social Work (BA) International Coordinator Department of Social Sciences Member of the UAS Board from 2020 to 2023