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re.searched: Alexandra Kolm

A Portrait of the Nutrition Expert and UAS Lecturer

Alexandra Kolm
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Our series re.searched presents researchers of the St. Pölten UAS. The next one is Alexandra Kolm, UAS lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences

To me, curiosity means…

… being alive, having an open mind for the unknown, questioning established facts and treading new paths to find solutions and answers. Allegedly, Albert Einstein once said that he had no special talent, just ardent curiosity.

I do research because…

… I’m curious. And because I want to find answers to my questions. To me, research is much more than theory – I’m particularly interested in applied research because it enables me to answer questions from the practical world in a well-founded manner by using scientific methods. Research also means teamwork for me, and I like working in teams.

In the next 20 years, our society will be characterised by…

… contrasts: digitalisation and technological progress versus conscious deceleration and mindfulness. Megacities versus a desire for nature and solitude, consumption without reflection versus healthy hedonism and sustainability when it comes to eating. I believe that serenity, confidence and self-responsibility will continue to be important characteristics in the next 20 years. In any case, these are exciting times.

About the person

The dietician Alexandra Kolm has been a lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences of the St. Pölten UAS since 2013. Prior to this, she already used to work as a lecturer at the UAS and as a self-employed dietician specialising in weight reduction, as a dietetics consultant for physicians and dieticians in the Lower and Upper Austria area within the framework of the myLINE programme for weight reduction, and as a dietician at the hospital St. Francis in Grieskirchen as well as the cardiovascular and rehabilitation centre of insurance fund BVA in Bad Schallerbach. Alexandra Kolm completed the master degree programme “International Public Health Nutrition” of Westminster University and is currently writing her dissertation at the School of Health Professions Education of Maastricht University.

At the St. Pölten UAS, Alexandra Kolm heads the international research project “IMPECD – Improvement of Education and Competences in Dietetics” as well as the research area “Education and Lifelong Learning for Health Professionals” at the Institute of Health Sciences.

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