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Scholarships for international achievements

Support Association of St. Pölten UAS assists students

Scholarships for international achievements

For years, the Association for the Support of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences has assisted international students with scholarships. The Support Association recently awarded achievement scholarships to twelve students for their studies abroad or internships in the academic year 2017/2018 as well as two achievement scholarships for outstanding projects.

Achievement scholarships for animated film and app

The achievement scholarships of the Support Association acknowledge outstanding international project initiatives or project work. Student Ani Antonova from the study programme Digital Media Technologies received a scholarship of 1,000 euros for her documentary-animation film "The Outlander".

The film tells the true story of an elephant that made a walking journey in the 16th century from Lisbon through the Alps to Vienna. The film was partly created during Anotovas’ Erasmus Residence at the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias in Lisbon. The animated film was also presented with the Asifa Austria Award.

Media technology student Monika Trajkovic received an achievement scholarship of 500 euros for her customer-feedback app, which she developed at the Finnish Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Together with a local fitness studio, she developed an app that supports employees in their work. The app helps to process a large amount of feedback collected through various channels (website, Facebook etc.) and document suggested improvements.

Achievement scholarships for academic success

The achievement scholarships in the amount of 1,000 euros are awarded to students of the University of Applied Sciences with special academic accomplishments during a study or internship abroad.

From 60 applications twelve scholarship recipients were selected. Decisive for the selection of the recipients were their previous scholastic accomplishments. In the academic year 2017/2018, a total of 76 students from St. Pölten UAS spent a semester abroad, another 75 completed an internship abroad.

"The term international mobility is written in capital letters at St. Pölten UAS and accordingly actively promoted. We are pleased that as a support association we recognise outstanding student achievements and can offer financial assistance to students in the form of scholarships", said Helmut Kammerzelt, Chairman of the UAS Support Association. 

About the Support Association

The purpose of the non-profit "Association for the Support of the University of St. Pölten" is to foster the scientific- and educational-policy activities of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences both financially and ideationally.

The current edition of the St. Pölten UAS magazine Future is also devoted to the topic of internationalisation.