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Spinal Column Analysis in 3D

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences improves method for physiotherapy

The basis of any physiotherapy treatment is a finding, by which it is possible to formulate treatment goals, check results of the treatment and adjust the therapy. Systems for measuring mobility (e.g. joint deflections and angles) are important tools for making reproducible results in daily therapy possible.

"In the case of the spinal column, this is more difficult than for other body parts; it is complex. The three-dimensional measurement of spinal column mobility therefore poses a particular challenge. This complicates the finding and evaluation of successful therapy", said Romana Bichler, UAS Lecturer in the study programme Physiotherapy and Deputy Head of studies in Digital Healthcare at St. Pölten UAS.

The company Simi Reality Motion Systems has developed a special 3D spinal column analysis method for these examinations. It uses coloured LED markers that are attached to different predefined places on the back of the person to be measured. These markers are recorded by three video cameras and create a unique three-dimensional image of the motion sequences and posture of the spinal column.

In the framework of bachelor work in the study programme Physiotherapy, it was determined how satisfied physiotherapists are with the procedure and how the analysis can be made even more user friendly.

About Simi Reality Motion Systems

SIMI® develops, manufactures and distributes products for movement and behavioural analysis. The company was founded in 1992 by Andreas Ruß and has dealt ever since with issues of data collection and analysis of movements in medicine, sports, industry and entertainment.

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