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Strengthened cooperation with UNLa, Buenos Aires

On March 5th 2018, Barbara Zimmer and Daniela Lohner (International Office) visited the Universidad Nacional de Lanús (UNLa). The host was Alejandro Tornay, Academic Director from the department Desarrollo Productivo y Tecnológico. The first important item on the agenda was the further development of cooperation in teaching and research with the Department of Rail Technology and Mobility. In the next step, discussions were held with Academic Directors and Lecturers in social work and audio-visual fields. Supported by the Ernst Mach Scholarship, a student exchange is to be realised in these areas in the coming academic year. Barbara Zimmer and Daniela Lohner were interviewed by university television and in the evening held a lecture for students of didactics on the topic of the education system in Austria.

The UNLa is located in a suburb of the megacity Buenos Aires and is housed in brick buildings from the 19th century, which were originally used by the railway industry. The university buildings are laid out spaciously and surrounded by a sprawling green campus. Just as old as St. Pölten UAS, UNLa now has more than 20,000 students. It shares with St. Pölten UAS the mission of inclusion, permeability and diversity.