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The week of media technology

International Conference on Creative\Media/Technologies at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

International Conference on Creative\Media/Technologies

At the end of November 2018, the first International Conference on Creative\Media/Technologies took place at St. Pölten UAS. The four-day conference offered an interdisciplinary exchange on digital-media technologies and for the first time combined three conferences at St. Pölten UAS on the topics of animation, media- and audio technology.

Aspects of animation

The opening event of the four-day conference was "In Reality Animation ...", the fourth annual conference of the German-speaking research network AG Animation. 

Among other topics the lectures dealt with: the reality of animating, genesis and function of form, animation as part of the narration of film reports in the newsreels of the 1950s and 60s, representation of women's and children's rights in animation as well as the relationship of animation and politics on the Internet. A networking workshop in the form of a World Café was dedicated to the use of animation in teaching and science.

"All Around Audio Symposium" ...

With the current developments in audiovisual, interactive and mobile media, which increasingly permeate everyday life, two further conferences were held during the week. The fourth edition of the "All Around Audio Symposium" was dedicated to the spectrum of technical developments in sound and audio such as the role of sound in virtual-reality environments and 3D-sound scoring.

... and "Forum Media Technology"

With the "Forum Media Technology", St. Pölten UAS brought international experts to St. Pölten for the eleventh time in a two-day exchange of knowledge concerning the current state and inherent possibilities of modern media technologies.

Conference lectures included among other topics: the use of augmented reality in libraries and Industry 4.0, methods for automatic recognition of authors in historical handwritten documents or visual forms of presenting investigative online journalism in Austrian media.

"The three meetings of the IConCMT presented contemporary developments in digital-media technologies and introduced special aspects and new technologies on the level of international research. The multi-facetted events served as an excellent reflection of the broad research spectrum at the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies located at St. Pölten UAS", said Head of the Research Institute Markus Seidl.

Best Paper Award and Media Technology Prize

At the Forum Media Technology, one of the papers submitted by the attendees was presented with the Best Paper Award. The award went to Robert Gove of Two Six Labs for his contribution "It Pays to Be Lazy: Reusing Force Approximations to Compute Better Graph Layouts Faster".

At a conference-week evening gala, the Golden Wire 2018 media-technology prize for students and alumni of St. Pölten UAS was also awarded.

The International Conference on Creative\Media/Technologies was funded by the Department of Science and Research of the Province of Lower Austria.

In Reality Animation ...