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Tulips, canals and international companies

Students from the master programme “media and communications consulting” went on an excursion to Amsterdam

Tulips, canals and international companies
Copyright: FH St. Pölten / Barbara Kerbl

Under the supervision of FH-Prof. Dr. Johanna Rakaseder 22 students from the master programme “media and communications consulting” visited the multinational city of Amsterdam. The excursion took place from March, 14th till March, 18th 2016 in the context of the course “international media and communication markets”. On the one hand, the aim of this trip was to gain exclusive insights into the Dutch agency and media industry and on the other hand to carry out research projects in Amsterdam.

Urban exploration and a visit to „Beyenmeyer“

On Monday, March, 14th, the students visited the Dutch advertising agency “Beyenmeyer”. Beyenmeyer is a small international network agency with about 20 employees. The group was warmly welcomed by the Managing Director - Lodewijk van der Peet. After a short presentation they were divided into groups and were asked to work out a communication concept for the Dutch bank “Brand New Day”. At the end, the concepts were presented to Lodewijk van der Peet, who analysed and critiqued them.

A creative agency with a special workplace

On the second day in Amsterdam, the students visited the creative agency „KesselsKramer“. The agency was founded in 1995 in Amsterdam and its office is located in a former church. The founder of KesselsKramer, Erik Kessels, told them about his clients and experiences in this industry.

Insights into the City Marketing of Amsterdam

On Wednesday the students visited “Amsterdam Marketing” and the creative agency “180 Amsterdam“. Machteld Ligtvoed (Manager Press and Communication) welcomed them to her office and presented them with interesting facts about Amsterdam Marketing, its vision, the city marketing strategies, special projects and the city itself.

In the evening the group attended the independent and global creative agency “180 Amsterdam”. Melanie Portelli (Client Service Director) und Clare Satterthweite (Planner) spoke about the agency’s working methods and described their work as a Client Service Director and Planner.

Birdies und Kennedys

On Thursday the group went to see the company TravelBird. This company has about 500 employees with 27 different nationalities. After a guided tour through the company the Team Austria presented some further details about TravelBird.

In the evening the students visited the international advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. The HR Manager guided them through the agency and held a short presentation about the corporate culture of Wieden+Kennedy.

„Do something worth talking about“

Their last appointment led the students to Amsterdam Worldwide, an international Full-Service agency based in the Netherlands. Right now the small agency has about 15 employees. The philosophy of the agency is: Do something worth talking about. The philosophy points out the importance of putting an added value on every communication concept.

Exciting and informative days in Amsterdam

In conclusion, the educational trip to Amsterdam was a special experience for all of the students. “It was an exciting week, in which we were able to get to know the international media and agency industry. The visits on the excursion were well chosen and valuable. I am sure that every fellow student of mine learned something for his or her future career”, reported Iris Handlsberger on the stay in Amsterdam.