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Turning digital and creative ideas into a company

Start-up programme of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and accent Gründerservice is being expanded

The new teams of the Creative Pre-Incubator attending a workshop at St. Pölten UAS

In 2014, St. Pölten UAS in cooperation with accent Gründerservice GmbH launched the Creative Pre-Incubator, a support programme for students and alumni with entrepreneurial spirit. In the programme, experts assist teams in the further development of business concepts as well as company formation and the facilitation of contacts with the start-up scene.

With the academic year 2017/2018, the programme is being expanded: instead of one, there will now be two rounds per year. Three new teams recently started their first workshops.

Promoting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

"St. Pölten UAS was the pioneer in Austria with the Creative Pre-Incubator. Since the first round in 2014, the support programme has developed into a solid, successful and integral part of the promotion of young talent at St. Pölten UAS. Thus far, around 100 students with approximately 30 highly advanced projects have applied for the programme", explained Hannes Raffaseder, Authorized Signatory and Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer at St. Pölten UAS.

"Seven Steps to Start-up" and State Prize

The Creative Pre-Incubator is the centrepiece of the "Seven Steps to Start-Up" concept at St. Pölten UAS. It offers a variety of relevant courses, practical projects, event formats and other initiatives that accompany creative students who are interested in starting a business. “Seven Steps to Start-Up” networks students with the start-up environment and conveys important basic entrepreneurial skills from the development of the first innovative project ideas, their concretisation and further advancement to tangible company formation.

Creative Pre-Incubator

The Creative Pre-Incubator is a cooperation between St. Pölten UAS and accent Gründerservice GmbH.