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Using online data with legal certainty

Research project develops LegalTech-Software for the digital-rights clearance of external data sources

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Modern IT-applications increasingly draw data from wide-ranging sources, including data that is freely accessible on the Internet. In the DALICC (Data Licenses Clearance Center) project, St. Pölten UAS has worked with project partners to develop software that can assist in the reuse of this data. With this software, legal conflicts regarding licenses are automatically detected and time spent on rights clearance is significantly reduced. The software is now available to the public in a beta version. 

Improvement and cost reduction in rights clearance

The project has developed a LegalTech-Software that will help legal experts, innovation managers and application developers in reusing and combining data and software in a legally secure manner. "The DALICC software facilitates the automatic and thus time-saving identification of actual and potential compatibility conflicts between different licenses and thereby contributes to a significant improvement and cost reduction in rights clearance", explained Tassilo Pellegrini, Lecturer in the Department of Media and Economics at St. Pölten UAS and Head of the project.

From creation of licenses to conflict resolution

The software behind the DALICC service consists of four modules:

  1. The "license author" allows the creation of licenses under which a work is to be made available to the public. DALICC offers these licenses both in human-readable and machine-processable form.
  2. The "license library" makes it possible for the user to choose from a large pool of standard licenses, which avoids the necessity of taking the more circuitous route through the "license author".
  3. The "license annotator" allows users to "attach" the desired license to a work.
  4. The "license negotiator" checks the compatibility of licenses, if a work consists of different licenses.

The first public prototype of the software is now available at www.dalicc.net and will be market-ready in the coming weeks. 

Along with St. Pölten UAS, project partners are: the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the University of Innsbruck, the "Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte OG" and the Semantic Web Company GmbH.

Presentation at the SEMANTiCS Vienna 2018

The DALICC project will be presented to a broader expert audience for the first time at the SEMANTiCS Conference 2018 in Vienna. On September 13th, the international conference on big data, artificial intelligence and semantic systems will be devoted to a LegalTech-focus on state-of-the-art legal software and bring together high-tech research and business. www.semantics.cc

Project "DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Center"

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology within the framework of the FFG programme "ICT of the Future".