Visiting Fulbright Specialist

Associate Professor, Robert Trim from Utah Valley University teaching at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

St. Pölten UAS regularly invites renowned guest professors, through among others, the prestigious Fulbright Programme for International Academic Exchanges. Within the framework of this programme and as a guest of St. Pölten UAS during the ongoing summer semester, Robert Trim from Utah Valley University (UVU) is teaching media technologies in the study courses Media Technology and Digital Media Technologies.

Skills for a digital world

Trim researches and teaches in the field of media technology and has more than 20 years of experience in the television and film industry. He has worked at television stations in advertising and as a creative director. He has received several awards for his work.

Trim teaches cinematography, digital asset management, narrative film making, storytelling, and is an Avid Certified Instructor. Both St. Pölten UAS and the Utah Valley University teach their students in theory and also hands-on. „Everything we do is all digital. And the digital industry is changing almost daily. The film industry needs people that know how to work in a digital world“, says Trim.

Trim is a member of the Motion Picture Association of Utah which represents the film industry in the US state. Trim arranges internships for his students and all higher education institutions throughout the state of Utah. “That’s valuable for the credits in the CV of the students and more important: they get into contact with people from the film industry and can set up a network. That helps the students to get their career in the film industry started”, says Trim.

Utah is a very active film state. “25 to 40 movies and many TV series are produced here every year. The state offers a big variety of scenes: mountains, rivers, the Salt Flats and ski resorts. This also attracts many companies for producing commercials here. And if needed for a movie: one can make any city look like New York”, say Trim.

Stars and festivals

Trim is also involved in the Sundance Film Festival, an annual festival held at Park City in Utah. The festival has been named after the character “The Sundance Kid” from the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, played by Robert Redford who also was a chairman of the festival.

“The Sundance festival is located close to our campus and is like a big classroom for our students. They spend a lot of time there and many of them work as volunteers at the festival. Film people from Hollywood and the whole world join the festival. That’s a good opportunity for our students to talk to them”, says Trim, who offers workshops and seminars for film makers at the festival together with colleagues from the Utah Valley University.

First partner university in the USA

Utah Valley University has only recently become a partner university of St. Pölten UAS and is the first in the United States. Students from both universities are already using the opportunity for a semester abroad.

"The partnership with the UVU is something very special for us. Utah is an important location for the media industry. Many film productions are outsourced from Hollywood to Utah, and our partner university provides an important contribution to the training of local media professionals", said Thiemo Kastel, international coordinator in the department Media and Digital Technologies at St. Pölten UAS. Kastel and Trim met two years ago at the NAB show in Las Vegas, an event for the film industry organized by the National Association of Broadcasters – the starting point for the current cooperation.

Fulbright Programme

Fulbright Austria supports academic and cultural exchange between the USA and Austria. Within the framework of the Austrian Fulbright Commission, the cooperation originated through a contract between the two countries in 1950. The Fulbright Program cooperates worldwide with 155 countries.


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