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With the travel-app to start-up programme in Texas

Media Management graduate Elisabeth Laa in the "Austria to Austin Student Start-up Exchange Programme"

With the travel-app to start-up programme in Texas
Austrian students in the start-up programme "Austria to Austin": 2nd row, 1.f.r., Elisabeth Laa.
Copyright: Austria to Austin / Erik Binggeser

Elisabeth Laa, a graduate of the bachelor programme Media Management at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and co-developer of the travel-app "city birds", took part in July in the "Austria to Austin Student Start-up Exchange Programme " in Austin, Texas.

The programme supports outstanding students in business formation and promotes important contacts between Austria and the USA. Eighteen participants from Austria were selected from more than 700 candidates for the two-week program.

Insight into the scene

The app "city birds", which Laa developed together with four other students, should provide urban and cosmopolitan travellers and locals with similar interests a common platform to network quickly and easily.

"Participation in the Student Start up Exchange Programme in Austin was a great enrichment for me. I have gained an insight into how the start-up scene works in the USA; and above all have seen how the start-up-ecosystem is structured in Austin. The three day start-up-workshop has once again concretely merged what I have already learned in the course of studies at St. Pölten UAS and the 'creative pre-incubator' start-up support programme at St. Pölten UAS", said Laa.

Inspiration and contacts

"From the many visits to start-ups, I was able take away a lot of inspiration concerning corporate culture and organization for my own project. Finally, of course, I was also able to establish important contacts in the USA and have met many interesting people. Among these, I count not only entrepreneurs and investors in the USA, but also the 17 other participants in the programme: because now I have new contacts and like-minded people throughout Austria, together we will be able to continue building the Austrian start-up scene", explained Laa.

Start-up programme of St. Pölten UAS

In the framework of the support programme "creative pre-incubator", St. Pölten UAS supports students and alumni together with the "accent Gründerservice" in business formation. Since Autumn of 2015, Elisabeth Laa and her team members have taken part in the programme with the app "city birds".