Service and Competence Centre for Teaching/Learning Development and Educational Offers (LEARN)

We promote the continuous development of teaching at the St. Pölten UAS – through research, strategy development, and the use of digitally supported teaching/learning resources.

Focus of LEARN


Teaching/Learning Is Our Profession

We are the hub and driving force for

  1. teaching and learning development as well as
  2. UAS-wide interdisciplinary education offers.

1. Teaching/learning development

We accompany and support Academic Directors and teachers in the didactic-methodological (further) development of study programmes and teaching/learning arrangements.

Digitally supported teaching/learning resources are oriented towards the students’ living environment and are thus an indispensable part of higher education teaching.

2. UAS-wide interdisciplinary education offers

In this area, we address students directly. Our goal: We want to create teaching and learning opportunities for them that enable transformative learning.

The LEARN Mission


Note: LEARN is the new name of SKILL. In some places, you can still find the old name. We are gradually changing this.



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