Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Data Science and Business Analytics*

Information technology is a decisive factor for growth and competitiveness across all industries. As a result of this evolution, the extraction of new knowledge through data analysis is playing an increasingly important role in enabling business innovation and the achievement of economic success. Predicting threats and risks, development of new products and marketing strategies or concepts for new feature films, series, games or online services are just some of the fields open to data scientists.

Because of their flexible use of data-analysis skills, graduates are sought-after specialists in all industry sectors. In addition to employment as data scientists, they also work as analysts in various industries. Depending on their chosen focus, students may find employment, among others, as:

  • Financial Analysts (e.g. forecasting, controlling, etc.)
  • Security Analysts (e.g. analysis of targeted attacks, detection of anomalies, etc.) or
  • Marketing Analysts (e.g. analysis of marketing initiatives, etc.).
  • Business Intelligence Specialists: are employed to generate new insights from company data in support of decision-making processes (e.g. through targeted business-process analysis, cost savings, investments, risks, customer segments, etc.)
  • Chief Data Officers: have company-wide responsibility for collecting and processing data and are increasingly important for business organisations.


*subject to approval by AQ Austria