Proof of Concept for Real-Time Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

#Data Science and Business Analytics (BA)

Freezing Area and Packaging Belt

Thomas Delicious Ice Cream Company is a traditional company that produces, packages and delivers ice cream on a large scale. Some processes are automated and data is collected but supervision, maintenance and quality assurance are done manually.

During the project semester, a prototype data analytics platform for the Thomas Delicious Ice Cream Company was built. This platform supports a variety of tasks:

  • measuring sensors in the production area
  • monitoring trucks in real time
  • launching predictive maintenance

It helps the company to detect and react faster to problems in the followingfields of application:

  • static freezing area
  • transport belt in the packaging area
  • status of the trucks

This will lead to better utilization of the equipment. Furthermore, by using predictive maintenance in the packaging area, the maintenance cost can be reduced.