Course Contents

Bachelor programme Marketing & Communication

This full-time degree programme turns you into a marketing all-rounder in only three years: you develop communication concepts, get to know the most important methods and instruments, and work on concrete projects. Furthermore, you improve your foreign-language skills and deepen your basic knowledge through a vocational internship.

The programme is divided into foundation (semesters 1-3) and advanced modules (semesters 4-6).

Fondation modules (semesters 1-3)

  • economics
  • marketing
  • media
  • communications
  • advertising
  • public relations and event management
  • market research and social sciences
  • communication and foreign language skills

Specialisations (semesters 4-6)

In the advanced stage of the programme, students specialise by selecting two of the following four elective modules.

Event Management

Media and Communications Planning


Public Relations

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