Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Dietetics

Dieticians provide nutrition-related advice and support to individuals, groups and institutions, as well as monitoring their progress. They are responsible for designing, implementing and supervising clinical nutritional therapy, as well as providing information and explanations on dietary measures aimed at promoting well-being and preventing disease.

The programme’s core focuses – quality and findings generated by academic work – are applied in professional practice.

As a graduate, you are comprehensively prepared for the demands of professional life - a wide variety of career paths are open to you.

Graduates are able to:

  • advise, accompany and support individuals, groups and institutions in the field of nutrition.
  • translate scientific guidelines into everyday recommendations, taking the individual needs of the patient into account.
  • turn recommendations for energy and nutrient supply into specific foods, dishes and preparation methods.
  • design, implement and monitor the dietetic process based on evidence.
  • provide educational work and information in the field of nutrition-specific health promotion and prevention.
  • promote quality, science and development in the professional field.

Professional fields

  • nutrition-oriented health promotion and prevention (Public Health Nutrition)
  • curative patient care outside of clinics
    • as a freelance dietician
    • or in outpatient rehabilitation facilities
    • in primary care centres
  • curative patient care in clinics and hospitals
    • in nursing homes
    • as well as in rehabilitation (rehabilitation centres, sanatoriums)
  • in the management of health care facilities
  • applied research and development
  • in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry
  • teaching and lecturing