Course contents

Bachelor programme Healthcare and Nursing

This six-semester programme has a modular structure that covers health promotion, preventive care, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures aimed at maintaining or restoring health and preventing disease. There is also a focus on:

  • healthcare and nursing theory
  • healthcare and nursing in specific settings
  • specialist medical knowledge
  • primary care

The curriculum is designed to promote the development of organisational, social, community-related and academic skills.

Personal skills

  • Dimensions of care
  • Healthcare and nursing theory
  • Healthcare and nursing in specific settings
  • Fundamental medical principles
  • Specific medical subjects

Organisational skills

  • Business administration and work organisation
  • Health-sector law

Community-related skills

  • Social and human sciences
  • Health and preventive care

Interpersonal/communication skills and personal skills

  • Personal skills, communication and interpersonal interaction
  • Foreign languages

Academic skills

  • Academic techniques
  • Evidence-based nursing (EBN)
  • Nursing science

Professional training

In addition to the theoretical course components, students complete practical training in each semester. Professional training lasts between five and twelve weeks, and focuses on various specialisms depending on the semester in question.  

Preclinical care

During the programme students can obtain a qualification in emergency medical treatment by completing a paramedic course in accordance with the Austrian Sanitätergesetz (Paramedics Act).