Course Contents

Bachelor programme Healthcare and NursingPLUS

The programme with its modular structure is based on the latest scientific findings and includes diagnostic, rehabilitative and therapeutic measures for the preservation of health and the prevention of disease.

In addition to profound practical skills, you acquire interdisciplinary competencies such as professional expertise related to the individual, to organisational matters and society, social communication skills, personal competence and scientific competence. In this way, you are prepared for the requirements and needs of the patients in the respective professional fields as well as possible.

Course contents

The curriculum is designed to promote the development of organisational, social, community-related and academic skills. 

You are trained for both existing and entirely new areas of work. You are authorised to work in higher health care and nursing services pursuant to the Austrian Health Care and Nursing Act (GuKG). In addition, you may obtain, for example, a certificate in “Kinaesthetics“ or specialise in “Dementia Care Mapping”.

Personal skills

  • Dimensions of care
  • Healthcare and nursing theory
  • Healthcare and nursing in specific settings
  • Fundamental medical principles
  • Specific medical subjects

Organisational skills

  • Business administration and work organisation
  • Health-sector law

Community-related skills

  • Social and human sciences
  • Health and preventive care

Interpersonal/communication skills and personal skills

  • Personal skills, communication and interpersonal interaction
  • Foreign languages

Academic skills

  • Academic techniques
  • Evidence-based nursing (EBN)
  • Nursing science
  • Nursing research
  • Bachelor seminar

Vocational Internship

The practice-oriented study attaches great importance to practical training in addition to theoretical education. You complete practical-study phases every semester that take place in different specialist areas both nationally and internationally – there are numerous cooperations, for example, with the USA, Switzerland, Germany etc.

The total extent of the vocational internship is 2,300 hours. 


A semester abroad and an internship abroad are possible. There are international cooperations with partner institutions. Individual lectures are held in English.

Healthcare and NursingPLUS

In addition to the study programme, we also offer the academic further education programme Preclinical Treatment and Care including the training as emergency medical technician (Rettungssanitäter) and emergency paramedic (Notfallsanitäter) in accordance with the Sanitätergesetz (medical services law). Our students thus specialise in the field of preclinical treatment and care and obtain the professional qualification to become emergency medical technicians and emergency paramedics in addition to potential careers in healthcare and nursing.

By combining the coordinated training of healthcare and nursing with the academic expertise for preclinical treatment and care, the study programme offers two essential competencies and helps its students to open up new career paths with confidence. A glance into the future shows a picture of healthcare and nursing which brings together core nursing competencies and out-of-hospital emergency management and is thus able to react to the various health problems of society in a complex manner. 

Graduates of Healthcare and NursingPLUS are equipped with extensive core competencies in nursing as well as a sound know-how in the fields of emergency management, medical diagnosis and therapy in the clinical and preclinical setting. Within the framework of the further education programme, they have the opportunity to complete internationally acknowledged special courses such as Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support and – as an elective module – Emergency Paediatric Care. In this way, they are ideally prepared for new professional fields in the area of multiprofessional and interdisciplinary primary care.