Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Physiotherapy

Best career prospects

In Austria as well as European Union wide, physiotherapy is becoming more and more important in the field of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. This trend is supported by current developments in healthcare (e.g.: primary healthcare) and also by demographic development.

This development ensures physiotherapists optimal career prospects. Graduates are characterized by a high level of social skills, the ability to solve problems and the willingness to continue with lifelong learning. These abilities enable them to help appropriate physiotherapy achieve a breakthrough in becoming accepted in the long term and in the contexts of social health systems and health policies that are unknown at the present time.

Could this be your future field of occupation?

Graduates of the UAS course on physiotherapy work:

  • as higher-level employees in institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, senoir citizen homes and nursing homes, institutions for the disabled, health institutions and wellness facilities, doctors‘ surgeries, health agencies, or schools and kindergartens
  • independently in their own practice, peripatetically - making house visits, or in prevention
  • as instructors at various educational and training institutions
  • in research and science
  • in health care projects
  • in prevention e.g.: advisors in the fields of ergonomic workplaces, sport and training, posture training, healthcare and health education, sports clubs