Course Content

Bachelor programme Physiotherapy

Through a wide range of physiotherapeutic and clinical subjects, excursions in the framework of courses, contributions to research projects as well as practical experience through patient contact in courses diverse contents are taught to students.  

  • Professional skills: acquisition of clinical and physiotherapeutic basics and concepts in various areas.
  • Social-communicative competence and self-competence: training in communication skills, ability to criticize, ability to criticize one’s own work, role distance (ability to distance oneself), teamwork skills, and conflict skills.
  • Scientific skills: acquiring an overall overview of scientific research methods, knowledge of research and assessing studies, and addressing physiotherapeutic questions by means of applied physiotherapy and research.  
  • Interdisciplinary qualifications: competence promotion in prevention and health with theory in project management; as well as business, media and information technological teaching.
  • Professional practical training: acquisition of professional knowledge in an occupational context.