Course contents

Bachelor programme Physiotherapy

This broad programme encompasses a wide range of physiotherapy and clinical topics, field trips linked to course content, participation in research projects and practical experience with patients.  

  • Professional expertise: students develop a strong foundation of clinical and physiotherapy know-how in a range of areas.
  • Social, communication and personal skills: the programme includes training in communication, giving and receiving feedback, self-criticism, role distance, team working and handling conflicts.
  • Academic skills: students gain a comprehensive overview of academic research methods, and acquire skills in conducting research for studies and evaluating studies, as well as addressing physiotherapy-related questions with the aid of applied physiotherapy approaches and research. 
  • Interdisciplinary training: students acquire prevention and health promotion expertise thanks to project management, business administration, and media and information technology components.
  • Practice placements: students develop their professional skills by gaining practical experience in the workplace.