Creative Code Lab 1 (WS 22)

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Once again, the Creative Code Lab of the bachelor degree programme Creative Computing produced numerous fun, creative projects. Find an overview of the results here.

Creative Code Lab 1 (WS 22)

Like last year, the Creative Code Lab of the bachelor degree programme Creative Computing took place this semester, where students had the opportunity to put their knowledge acquired during the winter semester into practice. They created concepts for their own little browser games, designed the level environments and game characters, and brought the games to life by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The two-week lab yielded a lot of creative and entertaining projects: below you can see some examples and try them yourself.

Barron’s Adventure

by Laura Cesar


While Barron’s parents are out on the hunt for food, the young owl accidentally falls out of his nest. Not being able to fly, he is just a snack to many predators that lurk in the woods. Lost on the ground, he decides to follow some glowing feathers which seem to be guiding him somewhere.

Play the game: Barron's Adventure


by Georg Becker


Victoria, a mercenary living in a dark fantasy version of late medieval Germany, comes to Nachtburg to acquire a piece of St. Martin’s cloak that is located in the town's fallen cathedral. There she encounters a gargoyle protecting the relic and needs to fight it.

Play the game: Landsknecht

Parvus‘ Potions

by Nathalie Klinger


The little wizard’s apprentice, Parvus the dragon, wants to improve his skills and impress his master. He wants to brew a rare potion from a script he found in a dark corner of the schools' library, even though he doesn't know all of the ingredients yet. Now he's looking for everything and needs our help.

Play the game: Parvus' Potions

John Reacher and the Root of the Great Rotnevni

by Florent Gabillon

JohnReacher CCL.jpg

John Reacher, an adventurer without money, goes on a quest to find a magic artifact called “The Root of the Great Rotnevni”. It is hidden in a dark forest and protected by 99 trials created by the great Rotnevni himself. Driven by the need for money, John Reacher goes to face the trials and retrieve the root.

Play the game: John Reacher and the Root of the Freat Rotnevni