Creative Code Lab 3 (WS21)

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The third Creative Code Lab (CCL-3) of the bachelor degree programme Creative Computing focused on the design, development, and evaluation of mobile applications. Here you can find an overview of the Lab results.

Creative Code Lab 3 (WS21)

At the end of the winter semester of 2021, the students had two weeks to leverage what they learned throughout the semester into developing their own mobile apps. In teams of 2-3 students, they worked on their app ideas, improved their prototypes, implemented the apps for Native Android, tested the app with users, and reported their results. After this intensive work, the students were able to build creative and functional apps, some of which are presented here.


by Abdelrahman Fares & Omar Fares


BBETTER is a habit tracking app that helps people to introduce new habits into their daily routine. The app aims to assist users in breaking bad habits in an organised, conscious, and effective way. BBETTER users can simply create habits, check them, and track their progress.

Install the app on your Android device: BBETTER


by Paul Hager & Laura Suppan


Edibly is an app developed to help people decide whether a food product is still edible or not, thereby preventing food waste. The main function of the app is the search where users can enter the product’s name and search for the item. Edibly will help users to throw away less food, provide them with tips as to how to store items, and give people a better feeling for expiration dates.

Install the app on your Android device: Edibly


by Angelika Franke, Sophia Gruber & Barbara List


Approximately 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the European Union alone. Culina is an app to organise your kitchen conveniently from your phone and help you prevent food waste. The digital pantry allows users to keep an overview of all the ingredients and foods that they have at home in order to minimise food waste and simplify the process of planning and shopping for meals. Shopping lists can be assembled according to the user’s needs. Additionally, the user is given an estimate of the purchase price.

Install the app on your Android device: Culina

The Collector

by Annika Limbach & Alexander Azer


The Collector was originally designed to allow users to create a virtual bookcase to store and display physical books in. The user can take pictures of the books, save information about them – such as the language a book is written in, whether it is a hardcover or paperback, or its genre – and store them on the shelf. They can also update the status of their books from “unread” to “in progress” to “read”. The Collector is versatile, though, and can be used not only for books but for most collectables.

Install the app on your Android device: The Collector