Creative Code Labs

Bachelor programme Creative Computing

In the Creative Code Labs, you have the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired in the course of the semester into practice. Tutors provide support and assistance during the 2 blocked weeks of the Creative Code Labs.

As your know-how grows, the complexity of these phases increases as well. Moreover, the type of collaboration is enhanced: while you work on a project alone in the 1st semester, the project group grows to include 4 to 6 students per project in the course of the study programme.

Each semester is dedicated to a specific topic:

1st Semester: Games and Playful Frontends

2nd Semester: Connected World

3rd Semester: Mobile Applications

4th Semester: Extending Realities

Your E-Portfolio

In the course of the study programme, you create your e-portfolio – a model which promotes the autonomous culture of learning and performance assessment. The documentation and the ‘making of’ the projects designed in the Creative Media Labs constitute a first essential component of your e-portfolio.