Course content

Master programme Digital Design

In addition to basic professional competencies in economy, law, management and scientific work graduates acquire proficiency in: Design Thinking, Information Visualisation, Media Art, Digital Photography, Corporate Design & Brand Identity, Interaction and Interface Design, Media Programming and much more.

Specialisation in the masterclasses

At the beginning of their studies, students can choose one of the three masterclasses and thus their individual specialisation. In the masterclasses, students work in small project-oriented groups and acquire in-depth competencies on a theoretical and practical level.

Experimental Media

For media technicians and artists, the masterclass Experimental Media teaches "experiment" and "technology", immersing students in digital technology applications for art, architecture and design in a world of creative work processes. 

Graphic Design

The masterclass Graphic Design is the only graphic-design education in Austria especially for technicians and students interested in the technology of classic
and new media environments.


In this masterclass, students focus on the challenges of photography in a time of digital media and social media. Creative precepts are dealt with in project form in conjunction with current (media) technology, methods of impact analysis, legal aspects as well as innovative new distribution channels.

Focus on the professional field

In the module "Professional Field", students are familiarised with requirements and perspectives in the areas of "Research", "Doing" and "Founding". Students are encouraged
to deal specifically with possible occupational fields.

  • "Research" in this context means being involved in research, development and innovation.
  • "Doing" addresses those professional aspects in which one's competencies are exercised when commissioned by others, e.g. in an employment relationship.
  • "Founding" refers to the founding of your own company with independent, innovative ideas, services or problem-solving approaches.