Career Prospects

Master programme Digital Healthcare

Our graduates become experts in the interdisciplinary design, implementation, evaluation, and development of healthcare scenarios with the aid of digital technologies. Their expertise will be used throughout the entire healthcare sector, e.g., by social insurance companies, hospitals as well as by industrial and research institutions and IT-driven healthcare companies.

Possible professions with Digital Healthcare

  • Researcher in digital technologies and healthcare
  • Regulatory affairs manager
  • Medical engineer
  • Developer & application specialist
  • Medical device advisor
  • Clinical sales specialist
  • Project manager

Are you destined for a job at a...

  • Health IT company
  • Medical products manufacture
  • Hospital or Rehabilitation centre
  • Doctor’s surgery or group practice
  • Healthcare service provider
  • Social insurance provider
  • Research and development centre
  • Training centre or sports organisation
  • Higher education institution
  • Wellness or recreation facility
  • Assisted living facility
  • (Technical) project management in healthcare facilities