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Master programme Digital Media Production

Students are taught basic competencies in the professional fields of economy, law, management and scientific work. Graduates also acquire skills in TV, video and audio production, storytelling, video, audio and studio technology, media coding, digital imaging techniques, information visualization, production of 360-degree video as well as augmented and virtual reality and much more.

Specialisation in the masterclasses

At the beginning of their studies, students can choose one of the three masterclasses and thus their individual specialization. In the masterclasses, students work in small project-oriented groups and acquire in-depth competencies on a theoretical and practical level.

Film & TV

The masterclass "Film & TV" is the only industry-relevant specialization in Austria with a decidedly technical focus on the creation and production of serial moving-image content for convergent evaluation in film, TV and on-line media.

Animation & Visual Effects

The masterclass "Animation & Visual Effects" offers a unique mix of theoretical knowledge combined with the implementation of challenging and creative practice projects for students in 2D- and 3D-animation, special effects and digital compositing.

Audio Design

With a unique combination of sound-related production and acoustic- information design, the masterclass "Audio Design" offers far-reaching professional perspectives between traditional digital audio production and industry-oriented research and development approaches.

Focus on the professional field

In the module "Professional Field", students are familiarised with requirements and perspectives in the areas of "Research", "Doing" and "Founding". Students are encouraged
to deal specifically with possible occupational fields. 

  • "Research" in this context means being involved in research, development and innovation.
  • "Doing" addresses those professional aspects in which one's competencies are exercised when commissioned by others, e.g. in an employment relationship.
  • "Founding" refers to the founding of your own company with independent, innovative ideas, services or problem-solving approaches.

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