Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Media Management

The bachelor degree programme Media Management offers a unique combination of media and business expertise: a high degree of practical relevance, intensive guidance of the students, a focus on internationality, and a broad theoretical foundation are special features of this degree programme.

Practice-oriented (media) projects allow the students to deepen their theoretical knowledge. Basic journalistic competence is anchored in the curriculum and can also be expanded in optional subjects in the educational media Campus & City Radio 94.4 and the media trade magazine SUMO. Visit for a first insight into projects realised thus far.

Professional Fields in Media Companies

A selection: 

  • Programme designer and planner for TV and radio
  • Production manager in film and TV
  • Editor(-in-chief) in publishing companies
  • Content manager: cross-media & multi-media
  • Media marketing and sales expert
  • Media sales consultant
  • Media project manager and controller
  • Developer of new business models
  • Corporate manager or assistant to the management

Are you destined for one of these jobs?

Programme/product manager

Programme/product managers are responsible for all kinds of content produced by media companies, such as print and music publishers, and film, TV and radio production companies. In terms of publishing, they create and manage product portfolios tailored to specific target groups in line with corporate strategy. At broadcasting companies their responsibilities include schedule planning and creating ideas for new broadcast formats. 

Content manager

Content managers are responsible for the content of websites, internet portals and company intranets. They perform editorial tasks and ensure that content is appropriate in terms of structure, topics and text format. They also purchase and market content, making them an important link with content suppliers and clients. Content managers primarily work for publishers and broadcasters, as well as information and communication technology companies offering a range of products and services.