Course Contents

Bachelor programme Media Management

Basic Studies (1st & 2nd Semester)

  • In the first year, you will learn a wide range of media-related basics from the areas of business, politics, technology, marketing, content, science and research.
  • In the first four semesters, the how-to project weeks support you in reflecting on what you have learned and applying it in projects with a focus on entertainment, news, interactive media and education using case studies from well-known media companies.

Advanced Studies (3rd & 4th Semester)

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge in the areas of media management & strategy and innovation & leadership.
  • Produce and publish hands on in four media genres (online, print, audio, moving image and cross-media).
  • In the third and fourth semesters, choose one elective module each that best suits your interests.

Elective modules in the 3rd and 4th semester

Set a focus - choose one of the following elective modules in the 3rd semester:

  • Process Management & Organizational Design
  • Key Account Management, Sales & Distribution
  • Business Development, Games & Music

In the 4th semester you have the following modules to choose from:

  • Editorial Management & Content
  • Media Sociology, Gender and Diversity
  • European Media Policy & Policy Building

Alternatively, you can attend the elective module Ad Creation & Design for 2 semesters, which focuses on social media.

Ad Creation & Design: Produce and Publish Hands On in Four Practical Labs

  • Online is arguably the most diverse medium - learn from practitioners what counts today and what matters.
  • In print, learn all the steps that are important for magazine productions, from finding interview partners for articles to sales, printing and distribution.
  • Go into the studio in the radio practice lab and learn how to inspire audiences with audio productions.
  • Shoulder a camera in the Moving Image Practice Lab or pick up your smartphone and learn video skills.
  • In addition, there are courses in investigative research and cross-media work.

Professional internship and mediaLab (5th & 6th semester).

  • In the third year, apply your knowledge in a large media project, gladly interdisciplinary networked.
  • The program concludes in the 6th semester with the mandatory professional internship, which can be completed in Germany or abroad, and a bachelor's thesis.


In semester 3, students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities.


25 years of media at the St. Pölten UAS

We have been shaping the media world for 25 years. How could we show that better than in a video:

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