c-tv Relaunch

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The aim of this project was to create a better, bigger and more entertaining version of the c-tv conference. Therefore new and innovative components have been created by the project team

c-tv Relaunch

The relaunch project of the c-tv conference aims at making the event interesting and memorable for as many people as possible. The students of the St. Pölten UAS are defined  as the main target audience. The process has been developed with the help of surveys, feedbacks and brainstorming, taking into account all elements that could revive the conference throughout the semester.

The results include the coverage of possible titles, topics, schedules, decorations, colour identities, sounds, posters, logos, special activities, social media and marketing plans and promotion advice for the c-tv conference.

We hope that our work can be used by prospective students, and will be implemented in the best way possible.


Plan the better, bigger and more entertaining version of the c-tv conference. Make people want to attend the conference not because they have to, but because they find it attractive and want to be a part of it.

Project steps

  • Survey
  • Creation of personas
  • A conference plan for each persona
  • Mid-presentation
  • Feedback
  • The merging of 4 conferences into one conference
  • Social media plan
  • The final manual with all plans
  • The final presentation / pitch


Outcomes of our work and feedback we received by our instructors were very positive in terms of our work, content and contribution to the conference.

A new c-tv conference concept with descriptions in the form of a format book, targeting students from the UAS and professionals from the TV and film industry. This format book will be used as a guide for the implementation of the conference in the future..