Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes

Students are trained in the conception, evaluation, development and realisation of technologies and processes in the industrial production sector: They work as experts in classic areas of plant engineering, production, production logistics, technical informatics, measurement technique, control engineering, automatic control engineering, industrial security and cooperating branches as well as key experts in related fields of expertise such as mechatronics, mechanical engineering, simulation, or electric engineering / electronics.

Fields of occupation

  • Digital transformation expert
  • Automation IT expert
  • Usability expert
  • Production technologist
  • Innovation manager
  • Systems Engineer 4.0
  • Shopfloor IT specialist
  • Security officer
  • Data scientist

The focus is on autonomous work in varying team situations. Therefore, graduates work particularly in technical project management and process management (analysis, development, and optimization) in the field of industrial production. Interdisciplinary and innovative thinking are deliberately promoted. Graduates generate new value added chains and business and working time schemes in the area of Industry 4.0 and implement the therefore necessary technologies. This results in new possible careers such as innovation manager, system engineer, production information scientist, shop floor – IT – specialist, data scientist, safety commissioner, or usability expert.