Course Content

Bachelor programme Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes

The content of the study programme involves interdisciplinary development of production systems and processes. Students are taught the interplay between the three technical disciplines of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and technical informatics with regard to production technologies.

Additionally, students acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • Solid knowledge of project management and process optimization
  • Sound basic knowledge of business economics and law
  • Sound knowledge of usability, industrial security and safety
  • Presentation, moderation, creativity and communication techniques as well as social skills

Choosing from two focuses

Smart manufacturing

Students are trained in the field of production and intelligent machinery with the aim of production optimization. Part of the curriculum are topics such as ‘Efficient and user friendly Human-Machine-Interaction’ or ‘Shop floor – IT” (using mobile hardware, newest 3D and virtual reality technologies) in industrial applications. This in-depth study particularly involves small and medium sized companies as providers and users of “smart” production methods.

Smart automation

Here, the emphasis is on the idea of networking in the industrial production. Internal and external production processes of companies as well as the realisation of distributed and networked production plants, systems and processes are dealt with in particular by taking industrial security and automatic production into consideration.