Course Content

Master programme Media and Communications Consulting

In the first semester courses on economics, law and communications offer the possibility to increase knowledge in these special fields.In individual subjects students’ previous knowledge is taken into account or expected.

Applied media and communications planning is a compulsory module (Focus: online marketing).

Teaching soft skills such as negotiation management and media training as well as English language skills increase international graduates’ competitiveness.

In the third semester students are integrated into applied projects in the framework of seminars.


In the second and third semester next to compulsory modules the programme offers advanced courses as options for specialisations. Out of four elective modules two are to be chosen: specialisations can be opted for irrespective of completed advanced courses during the bachelor programme.

Public Relations

In the field of “public relations” graduates acquire all knowledge and competences necessary for the occupation of concept developers. This means that the main content is based on strategic aims of public relations including result testing tasks. Focuses can be on in the fields of reputation management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), lobbying, political communication and online PR.  


The module Advertising deals with current subjects of advertising impact (e.g.: neuromarketing, multi-sensual advertising). In semester 3 an online campaign (in particular display advertising) is realised. 

Direct Marketing

In the master programme Media and Communications Consulting direct marketing particularly focuses on digital options. These are for example e-commerce and newsletter marketing. In semester 3 a direct marketing concept is developed together with a cooperating partner (e.g.: Tchibo/Eduscho). 

Event management

Although “Event management” is often defined as operative work, in the master programme Media and Communications Consulting training for this part of the communication industry focuses instead on event marketing including organisation of events, strategic planning and incorporation in the overall communication concept. Particular attention is paid to complex challenges for a modern ecological conception of event strategies.

Additional qualifications and opportunities

In the course of the master programme numerous options for obtaining further competences are offered:

  • Working at the usability and counselling laboratory
  • participating in the planning and organisation of events (e.g. MEDIACon, EVENTcon)
  • series of lectures “Trends in communication industry”
  • series of guest lecturers (e.g. General Manager, Red Bull Media House)
  • Summer University (e.g. in Munich)
  • Google-AdWords-Certificate Google-AdWords-Certificate
  • participating in the Campus Media SUMO, Campus Radio or c-tv
  • Mentoring programme