Career Prospects

Master programme Rail Technology and Management of Railway Systems

Graduates are able to assume responsibilities at rail companies and work at various managerial levels in the rail industry, planning offices and public administration.

Prospective career options include:

  • project manager
  • technical expert
  • infrastructure project planner
  • construction manager and construction site supervisor
  • network planner and analyst
  • operating systems and regional implementation planner
  • administrator responsible for implementing and maintaining technical line equipment
  • route manager and bid planner working for railway networks
  • tender coordinator
  • rail manager
  • qualified rail specialist in accordance with section 40 Eisenbahngesetz (Railways Act)
  • railway safety and quality manager
  • tender planner working for transport associations and local authorities
  • system-related marketing employee working for a rail company
  • rail company sales manager
  • consultant for public transport contracts
  • administrator for bids and service pricing
  • consultant on relations between public authorities and rail companies

Graduates will have the abilities required to take on managerial responsibilities at rail companies, and work at various management levels in related industries, planning offices and public administration at the following organisations:

  • Austrian and European rail companies
  • Austrian transport associations and transport organisations
  • Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (SCHIG; Austrian state-owned rail consulting and service company) and Schienen Control GmbH (Austrian rail regulator)
  • construction companies specialised in railway construction
  • industrial companies working on railway infrastructure
  • federal, provincial and local authorities, ministries, public authorities and notified bodies
  • chambers, federations and interest groups
  • planning and consulting companies specialised in railway infrastructure technology