Course Content

Master programme Rail Technology and Management of Railway Systems

In the Master Program students acquire in-depth specialist knowledge in those areas. Students also work on an interdisciplinary project to familiarize them with, and train them in, complex project procedures specific to the subject field.

Basic modules

The basic modules of the programme are comprised of the following subject areas: business and law, work and cultural techniques, technological and operational fundamentals, scientific work.


From the start of the course, students specialize in one of the two following areas:

  • Railway operation and systems technology:
    requirements development, operating management, planning and project development, system development, communication engineering, measurement and test engineering, signalling, advanced energy management and energy supply
  • Structural engineering:
    advanced statics, planning the construction phase, calculation, tendering, contracting, accounting, foundation and hydraulic engineering, civil engineering structures, advanced superstructure, bridge construction, tunnel construction, structural engineering
  • Management of railway systems:
    Organizational and legal framework of the railway sector, production of railway services, management in the railway sector, advanced economics, marketing and sales in the railway sector

The specialized training represents almost half of the total number of ECTS points. In both specialisations the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor programme Rail Technology and Mobility is the basis on which advanced expertise is taught.


In two semesters in succession the students work on an interdisciplinary project. In the course of this project students learn to deal with complex project procedures.

Diploma thesis

In the fourth semester a diploma thesis is written and presented in the framework of a diploma examination.