Course contents

Master programme Rail Technology and Management of Railway Systems

During the master programme, students acquire in-depth knowledge of specialist rail technology and rail system management topics. Students also work on an interdisciplinary project with a view to gaining an insight into complex project-related procedures associated with rail technology and systems.

Basic modules

These modules cover business and law, work-related and cross-cultural approaches, technological and operational basics and academic techniques.


Students specialise in one of the following three topics from the beginning of the programme:

  • Railway Operation and Systems Technology
    Planning, operating and managing rail systems; communications, measuring and signalling technology; energy technology; and energy supply
  • Structural Engineering
    Advanced structural engineering, planning the construction phase, tendering, contracting, accounting, foundation and hydraulic engineering, civil engineering structures, advanced superstructures, bridge construction, tunnel construction and structural engineering
  • Management of Railway Systems
    Organisational and legal framework of the rail sector, providing railway services, rail sector management, advanced economics, marketing and sales in the rail sector

The specialisations account for almost half of the ECTS credits awarded for the programme. In all three specialisations, the advanced courses build on the subjects covered in the Rail Technology and Mobility bachelor programme.

Interdisciplinary project

Students work on an interdisciplinary project in two successive semesters, and learn to implement complex project-related procedures.

Diploma thesis

Students are required to write a thesis in semester four, which they present in the master examination.