Career Prospects

Bachelor programme Rail Technology and Mobility

In the near future there will be a high demand for well trained experts in the area of railway transport with technical, financial and ecological knowledge and skills. In the light of current developments of transport in Austria and in the European Union the following occupational profiles arise:

  • Project manager
  • Subject specialists
  • Planner of infrastructure projects
  • Construction manager, on-site construction supervisor
  • Network planner, network analyst
  • Operation systems planner, regional implementation planner
  • Administrator for the establishment and maintenance of technical line equipment
  • Route manager, bidding designer in railway networks
  • Coordinator of calls for tender
  • Bidding planner at transport associations and regional authorities
  • Consultants of public transport contracts
  • Administrator for bidding proposals and service calculation
  • Consultant of interface authorities - railway corporations

Graduates can be employed in managerial positions in railway companies and as employees at different managerial levels in the relevant industry, in planning offices and in the civil service:

  • at Austrian and European railway corporations
  • at Austrian transport associations and transport organizations
  • at the Railway Infrastructure Service Association (SCHIG) and the Rail Control Ltd
  • in the construction industry specializing in railway construction
  • at industrial companies working on railway infrastructure
  • at local authorities (Federal and State), ministries, authorities and appointed authorities
  • at chambers, federations and interest groups
  • in planning and as consultants in the field of railway infrastructure technology.