Career prospects

Bachelor programme Rail Technology and Mobility

As railway engineer with a sound general training, you will actively participate in the rapid development of rail-bound transport systems:

Vocational Fields

  • Project management
  • Planning of infrastructure projects
  • Construction management, on-site construction supervision
  • Network planning and analysis
  • Operational system planning, regional implementation planning
  • Construction and maintenance of technical trackside equipment
  • Technical office management
  • Network access and route management
  • Coordination of tenders
  • Capacity planning in transport associations and regional authorities

Graduates will be equipped to take on managerial responsibilities at rail companies, and work at various management levels in related industries and planning offices, as well as in public administration at the following organisations:

  • Austrian and European rail companies
  • Austrian transport associations and transport organisations
  • Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (SCHIG; Austrian state-owned rail consulting and service company) and Schienen Control GmbH (Austrian rail regulator)
  • construction companies specialised in railway construction
  • industrial companies working on railway infrastructure
  • federal, provincial and local authorities, ministries, public authorities and notified bodies
  • chambers, federations and interest groups
  • planning and consulting companies specialised in railway infrastructure technology